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Our Plan For Rapidly Increasing Your Team's Success

The Game Plan

Our WORKFORCE and WORKPLACES are changing quickly. Do you have a plan for your team?


Our World of WORK is Changing Rapidly… Are you Ready?

Multi-generational workforce

The Solution

  • Improve behaviors
  • Develop leaders
  • Change workplaces


  • Less absenteeism due to stress
  • Increased productivity & efficiency
  • Outperform your competition
    = higher revenues
  • Greater alignment and cohesiveness

Powerful Tools

Four powerful solutions combined in one unique program delivery for optimal success and efficiency.

Coaching for Leadership Effectiveness


three key dimensions for exceptional leadership


Preparing the MIND with tools that enhance experience, intellect, and mental readiness to face any challenge


Building a strong WILL that provides the drive and stamina to effectively lead high performing teams


Nurturing the HEART and soul
inherent in all great leaders and

The most profound way for an individual to develop skills and assimilate to a company’s culture and values is to learn directly from someone who already possess those qualities and who is compelled to help others achieve.

As a result of our 6 or 12-month coaching program, the client transforms into a better leader. He or she sets better goals, takes more action, makes better decisions, works more effectively with peers and direct reports, and more fully uses his or her natural strengths.
Our program focuses on where clients are now and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future. Once the direction is established, we will develop a customized step-by-step coaching program.

Our Whole Team Approach


What you can expect from us when we work with the whole TEAM:

Improved TRUST
RESPECTFUL conflict around ideas and process initiatives
COMMITMENT to support decisions
Hold one another ACCOUNTABLE for deliverables
Support collective RESULTS

A winning team starts with a strong leader.

When a leader’s character is balanced, and he/she has the right attitude, emotional health, and moral compass to lead… your team members will go the extra mile to support you!

Traits of a Great Leader


Our On-Line Microlearning Program


Content Aligned to the Competencies That are Most Relevant to Today’s Leaders

Our Winning Teams WIN Program also provides a collection of training resources designed specifically for leaders. These learning tools were formulated to address the needs of three distinct levels:

• Senior leaders
• Mid-level leaders
• Emerging leaders

Leading Your Business

• Judgment and Decisiveness
• Leading a Culture of Execution
• Leading Innovation
• Leading Organizational Vision
• Managing Priorities
• Problem Solving and
• Decision Making
• The Influential Leader
• Thinking Critically
• Thinking Strategically
• The Digital Leader
• The Adaptive Leader
• Customer First Leadership

Leading Your Team

• Building and Leading Teams
• Developing People
• Embracing Diversity
• Leader as Coach
• Leading Through Change
• Leading Virtually
• Managing Conflict
• Cross Cultural Leadership
• Leader as Motivator

Leading Yourself

• Leadership Networking
• The Accountable Leader
• The Agile Leader
• The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
• Leader Transitions
• The Mindful Leader
• The Ethical Leader
• Executive Presence
• Women & Leadership


#1 Content Provider
Using unique learning templates prepared by subject matter experts, participants will gain instant access to three learning tracks, plus books and videos.
Learning is self-paced and 24/7 access will remain open for one year. Coursework includes a blend of short videos, book summaries, and activities to provide focused learning in specific competency area.

Download our catalog for a complete list of content that is available through books, videos and online courses.

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Team Engagement

Our Winning Teams Win

FOUR TOOLS included with every team engagement!

DiSC Work of Leaders

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Winning Teams Win Online Learning Program

Emotional Intelligence

What Our Clients Say…

“I have worked with Cathy Light year-over-year coaching multiple leadership groups on Managing Up, 360 Business Alignment, Creating and Cascading a Strategic Department Plan, Soft Skills (EI) Improvement, Executive Presence, and Building Team Relationships. Each manager received a 360-feedback report identifying their strengths and development areas for focused improvement, along with a comprehensive leadership team report. Cathy’s gift to deliver an unbiased debrief, along with co-creating their post 360, 3-Step Optimal Action Plan, made all the difference in my leader’s being open to growth and recognizing their own vulnerability individually and collectively as a team.”
– Gus Salem, Former Executive, IDEX Corporation, Agilent Life Sciences, and Bio-Rad Laboratories

“Cathy and her team have a unique ability to look at both the strategic and tactical conditions of a team and craft the optimal leadership program for long term success. She brings a high level of operational experience to the industries she serves. Cathy’s “can do” attitude, experience, team-orientation, and deep business relationship skills allow her to be incredibly effective with her clients.”
– C. Lloyd Mahaffey, CEO, SmartStory Technologies, Inc.

“Our VC firm brought Cathy and her team in to assist me and my executive group in team development, alignment and hiring. Our rapid growth outstripped our in-house talent acquisition management capabilities. We worked with Assessment Leaders for two years and they did a fantastic job helping BigFix scale our HR functions and leadership capabilities.”
– Dave Robbins, former CEO of BigFix, now an IBM owned Companyere.

Your Team’s Growth Starts Today!

For more information about our Winning Teams Win program, coaching, team facilitation and customized training to meet your specific needs and strategic goals, contact us today! We look forward to working with you.

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